Format: 19/03/2018
Format: 19/03/2018

Castle All Inclusive Resort & Spa by L'OCCITANE


Welcome to our CASTLE ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT and the first L’OCCITANE SPA in the Czech Republic.

Chateau Heralec, with its 5* service standard is in many ways an ALL INCLUSIVE WELLNESS&SPA RESORT. We have been doing everything to be one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Czech Republic and in Europe and our hard work has paid off. Chateau Heralec received the license to run the first L’OCCITANE Spa in the Czech Republic. The amazing experience from the massage and beauty treatments from the popular French brand of natural cosmetics in the highest quality is now available to all of our hotel guests, as well as guests from outside. All in the luxurious environment of our hotel Wellness & Spa.

The entire ground floor of the southern wing is dedicated to your spa comfort and luxury relaxation. Under the original medieval arches laid with a silver glistening mosaic, you can find a private swimming pool with an adjacent resting area. Benches covered with comfortable pillows in the windowsills invite you to sit in them and rest. Behind the pool area, you will discover a spacious Finnish sauna, a smaller Finnish sauna with the possibility of using natural herbal extracts and cleansing steam sauna.

In the intimate atmosphere of our massage parlors our professionally trained massage and physiotherapists await. It will not be difficult choosing something from our inspirational selection of L’OCCITANE treatments. The authentic ingredients used in the making of this unique natural cosmetics line together with traditional massage techniques create a package of utter relaxation. Just entering our massage parlors will make you more relaxed, the interior design inspired by the unique and beautiful nature of the Provence region Camarque. The country, ingredients and rituals of the Mediterranean are the building blocks of all Spa L’OCCITANE treatments. “The feeling cannot be described, it must be experienced..."

Our resting room, located in the long corridor of what used to be an orangery, was designed for the ultimate relaxation experience, utilizing its unique design to connect our guests with the beautiful nature of the English park outside. Wrapped in blankets, you can sit and take in the beauty of the majestic trees for hours. The jacuzzi in the intimacy of the castle turret is the perfect place for discrete resting. For those that prefer active relaxation, we have the castle fitness equipped with the most modern technology and professional assistance at disposal.

For even better regeneration of your body and mind we have equipped the chateau Wellness & Spa with the Biosynchron technology. This is a totally unique form of passive therapy, based on the principles of dry thermo-therapy and pulsating magnetic therapy. It is used by both professional and recreational athletes, and is also suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation purposes. It has unique relaxing and anti-stress effects. The BIOSYNCHRON facilitates the flow of blood in the peripheral circulatory system (capillaries), promoting blood circulation and detoxifying the body. This relaxes the muscles; after an injury it can support recovery and muscle mass growth, accelerate the healing of muscular and joint injuries, or suppress pain in the back and in the entire musculoskeletal system. It also eliminates the feeling of the complete physical exhaustion, usually following a day of intensive physical activity. Using the BIOSYNCHRON facility leads to overall biological regeneration, energizing of the body, its oxygenation and relaxation.