Format: 30/05/2017
Format: 30/05/2017


Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important food of the day. A good breakfast can properly start us off into the day and fill us with positive energy.

In your hands you hold our Á la carte breakfast offer. We chose this kind of breakfast service to cater fully to all of our guests - those that like to sleep in as well as the early birds - guaranteeing a 100% quality and freshness of all our dishes. The overall concept of our kitchen is based on fresh local ingredients. We are constantly on a search for local farmers and suppliers, a range of their products available in this menu. We recommend anything from the trout gravlax from Mr. Nikl in Havlickuv Brod, cheeses from the nearby Uhorilka village (try out their Kaskaval!), amazing cottage cheese from Polna as well as our homemade bread. We also bake a homemade breakfast cake everyday, satisfying every sweet tooth. Do not forget to try the delicious bio fruit and vegetable juices from Bohdanec. Our staff will gladly inform you of the current offering. For our hotel guests, breakfast is included in the price of their accommodation. You can indulge in any 5 items from the offering, with a stand of fruits and sweet pastry as well as a bread basket with butter from the Nemcova family farm already placed on your table. Drinks already included in the breakfast offering are one cofffee of your liking, one tea with honey from Mr. Brabenec from Heralec, one juice from Bohdanec and one mineral water. Anything ordered on top of that will be charged forty crowns per item.

    We wish you a wonderful morning and bon appetit!

    Price for non-hotel guests is 440,- Kč



Egg dishes


Fried egg                     

Scrambled eggs                                      

Omelette  with spinach                         

Omelette with mushrooms

Ham and cheese omelette                   

Ham and eggs

Roasted bacon x Salsicca with eggs    

We will be pleased to prepare eggs any style for you.


Choice of ham, salami and cheese


Hunter’s salami                         

Vysocina salami                        

Emperor´s ham                          

Salami selection

Eidam cheese                           

Kaškaval  - Lokal steamed cheese

Goat cheese

Cheese selection       

Castle sausages                        

Gridiron baked bacon                                          


Fruits and pastries


Fruit salad                                                 




Breakfast Specials


Trout gravlax with dill


Butter and jam


Jam of your selection              

Fresh butter                       



Choice of cereals


Corn flakes                        

Muesli with option of fruits                           

Oat flakes                         


Dairy products


White Yoghurt                          


Crème fraîche                                        


Semolina pudding, oatmeal


Semolina pudding with cinnamon                      

Semolina pudding with chocolate                      

Oatmeal with butter and raisins                                  




Espresso with milk      

Decaff espresso               

OXALIS Loose leaf tea                    

Tea selection (bags)

Hot cacao                        

Hot milk            


Selection of Teas at Chateau Heralec


Tea – the cups that cheer but not inebriate.
(William Cowper)

Special castle mixes

Castle linden(linden tree blossom)

Headache(linden tree blososm, plantain leaves, balm mint leaves, valerian root, gentian root)

Calm Mind Before Bed(linden tree blossom, gypsywort, heather flowers, motherwort leaves)

Cold & Flu(linden tree blossom, raspberry bush leaves, black elderberry, plantain, marshmallow plant leaf)

Loose-leaf teas OXALIS

Ceylon Sencha(loose leaf green tea from Ceylon)

Earl Grey Superior(real black tea Ruhuna, natural aromas of bergamot and organse blossoms)

Mate Green(leaves of the yerba mate)

Morning Tea(hibiscus, apple pieces, raspberry bursh leaves, yerba mate, balm mint, dropworth, marigold, rosehip buds, heather)

Active Man(cloves, liquorice, cinammon, cardamom, ginger, lapacho, birdweed, fennel, yerba mate, sage, black pepper, ginseng)

Long Life(green rooibos, purple coneflower, chamomile, green oats, mint, raspberries, thyme, lavender, lemon verbena, marigold, cornflower, aroma)

Headache(linden tree blososm, plantain leaves, balm mint leaves, valerian root, gentian root)

Soothing Your Nerves(passion flower, balm mint, lavender, yerba mate)

Sweet Dreams(pieces of apple, roseship buds, linden tree blossoms, chamomile, chokeberries, pieces of beetroot, elderberries, raspberries, strawberries, aroma)

Rosehip(rosehip buds)

Blueberry(hibiscus, raisins, elderberries, blackberries, blueberries, natural aroma, pieces of strawberries, elderflower leaves)

Sweet Orange(apples, raisins, carrot, peaches, jablka, rozinky, mrkev, meruňky, sea buck-thorn, pieces of beetroot, orange peel, orange tree blossoms, natural aroma)

Packaged tea OXABAG

Earl Grey(black aromatic tea)

Pu-Erh(real black tea)

China Jasmine with flowers(real green tea flavored)

Mate IQ(herbal aromatic tea)

Rooibos(herbal tea)

Yerba Mate(mint tea)

Grandmother’s Garden(aromatic fruit tea)

Wild Cherry(aromatic fruit tea)

Strawberries & Champagne(flavored green tea)