Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018


One of our Gift Certificate ideas...for GOURMETS ONLY!

Do you have a gourmet lover amongst your friends that you would like to treat to an amazing culinary experience in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury? Try our amazing tasting menu served in the noble dining hall of Lady from Šelemberk, dining hall Before the Storm or in our castle courtyard. To complement every meal, we have a selection of over 100 branded wines form the region of Bordeaux, France, making it one of the largest collections in the Czech Republic, as well as a splendid selection of cigars for the gentlemen and hearty delicious desserts for the ladies. Overall, a combination that would make the heart of any gourmet lover skip a beat. On top of all that, we do not underestimate the power of a true dining experience - all beverages are served in hand-made glass made especially for Chateau Heralec that will please not only your taste buds but also your eyes. Our "BUON APETIT" gift certificate is a perfect present for all those that like to enjoy life to the fullest. 

The gift certificate „BUON APETIT “in value of 3050,- CZK includes:

  • Lunch or candle lit dinner in restaurant Honoria - exclusive 6 course tasting menu Lord Trčko from Lipa for two people 
  • The "Castle lady Cuvée" Chateau Cloud du Pin or a cornetto from our "Sweet Delight" gift collection to remember your culinary experience at Chateau Heralec 

In case you will be interested, you can additionally order accommodation for two people in the room of your choice to the gift certificate, with a 10% discount for every night or choose from one of our picnic menus (Rental of our castle blanket, stylish picnic basket, non-alcoholic drinks and a bottle of Bohemia sect is included. The price is for one person):

Picnic basket of Bishop John for 1 100 CZK including a bottle of Bohemia Sect

Picnic basket Silver Wind for 1 400 CZK including a bottle of Bohemia Sect Prestige Demi-Sec

Picnic basket Red Velvet for 3 400 CZK including a bottle of Moet en Chandon Brut champagne 

The following things are included in the price of accommodation 

  • Rental of the castle cabrio Mercedes Benz E-Class (season April- October) - you do not pay any rental fees, only a symbolic price per kilometer in the value of 9,- CZK (0,3 EUR) is charged
  • Golf simulator
  • Rental of fantastic bikes, Nordic walking sticks or other sports equipment 
  • Unrestricted access to the castle park, library with a functional fireplace and chapel of St. Anne 
  • Directly in your rooms, you can find a fitness mat + special gymstick with various techniques on relaxing the back and entire body that you can use in your room or take it with you to our castle park
  • "Magical Road through the Park" - a small booklet with a map of the park and interesting information about the flora and fauna living in it 
  • "Chronicles of Experience" with inspiration on free time activities in the castle and nearby areas

You can order a "BUON APETIT" certificate by sending an email to the address

Please include the name of the intended recipient/s of the gift certificate, as well as the delivery address. In case you wish for the gift certificate to be delivered to the address of the gift recipient, include that one. In case you wish to give the gift certificate personally, please include your address.