Format: 19/03/2018
Format: 19/03/2018

Accommodation at the Castle Chateau Heralec

Spaciousness and creativity are definitely words that characterize luxury castle accommodation at Chateau Heralec. Choose any from beautiful hotel rooms, either named after previous castle owners or paintings from old maestros lent by the Regional Gallery of Vysocina, and you will be amazed. The old meets thew new here in a very harmonious way, allowing each of our guests to indulge in absolute relaxation. 

In this part of our webpage, you can familiarize yourselves with our entire offering of our hotel rooms and apartments. For further information, click through our seperate sections Castle Suites and Castle Rooms,
choose the room you like most and enjoy your stay in our beautiful castle.
The largest suite in Chateau Heralec is named after one of most powerful Czech houses - the Trčka of Lípa. They were so wealthy and rich that they even lent money to Czech kings and were also the regional governors of this beautiful area. »
The unique space of the presidential suite of the Lords of Solms has so many fascinating details that you will be captivated from the very first moment you open the chamber doors. »
Enter and relax. Whether under the tree canopies, huddled in your comfortable blankets or just seated in soft armchairs you will be absorbed in the pleasant atmosphere. »
If you have a slightest romantic inclination, you have made the right choice. These were the Counts of Trauttmansdorff that gave Chateau Heralec its romantic touch - turrets, crenellations and beautiful facade. »
If you choose this suite, you will have an opportunity to feel the comforting warmth of scarlet oak leaves. Your eyes will rest upon the piece of one of the Czech impressionists, Joseph Ullman, giving you the impression that the leaves in the painting are coming to life in the soft Vysocina breeze. »
To live in a chateau and simultaneously find yourself at the banks of the River Sázava is only possible in this suite decorated by the masterpiece of Bedřich Havránek, a pupil of Antonín Mánes. »
Once again you will be enamored by an incredibly spacious suite where you can fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom and the freshness of soft grass in the youthful forest where you have just found yourself. »
You will sense the atmosphere of a calm forest landscape at the very moment you open these chamber doors. The dignity of tall majestic trees, peaceful glades, clear skies and a distant horizon offer themselves to you. »
In the third largest suite in the chateau, you find yourself in the company of a symbolic white stallion painted by Jan Preisler. It is up to you, which part of the mysterious painting you will let yourself be drawn into. »
The room 'Lords of Roupov' is interesting for its comfortable area the size of a cosy apartment, its luxurious equpiment but also for its name. Kryštof Karel bough Castle Heralec in 1602 from the Trcko clan. »
If you are interested in experiencing a real hunt, all you have to do is enter our Chronicles of Experience where you can read about the hunting experience in the planes of Vysocina that we offer. »
Lay in the comfortable bed, sit in the soft armchair and just doze away. Do you feel the spring, the scent of the blooming blackthorn blossoms and the buzzing of the bees around? »
The grand landscape of Gustav Macoun widens the already spacious area of your room. Looking at this painting, the panoramatic landscape will feel very familiar to you. »
Have you already discovered fishing or swimming in our Chronicles of Experience? Or would you just like to take a stroll through the Vysocina countryside? »
You are still in the comfort of your castle room... eventhough the painting of one of the most original Czech painters, Jan Honsa, creates an unrepeatable illusion in the room. »
The oldfashioned bridge, beautiful scenery and the historical castle walls create the atmosphere of this room. It is thanks to the depiction of Alois Kalvoda, whose artworks influenced generations of Czech painters to come. »
Another window into the landscape of Alois Kavolda opens itself to you in this room - with meadows full of red poppies and thin stretches of fields in the distance. »
After resting by the blazing fire in the spacious southern wing, all you have to do is descend the staircase into the original stone passage, where lords once stepped out from their carriages, and you will find yourself in the 'Cloudy Skies' room. »
The name of this room is as mysterious as the castle itself, with its many hidden nooks, and unexpected areas waiting to be discovered. In this location, the old castle lords used to halt their carriages and mount from their horses. »