Format: 22/03/2018
Format: 22/03/2018

Chateau Herálec helps children from the village school in Heralec

In early September 2015, we launched the new endowment fund "For a better start for children from the village school in Herálec" to promote the improvement of conditions for the education of primary school children in the local Herálec Elementary Schools.   We have already participated in the project of AHR ČR (Association of Hotels and Restaurants in Czech Republic) “Start in life” and supported disadvantaged children from orphanages. The objective was to effectively involve these children in hotel work, and thereby make their entry into everyday life easier. But we felt that given the nature of our operations in Vysočina, we should be more involved in supporting children right here in our region.

The endowment fund for a better start of children from the village school in Herálecis a non-profit organization, which only receives funds as a voluntary cash donation from hotel guests in a symbolic amount of 25 CZK. The sum received is used to support projects focused on the all-round development of the village school, its pupils as well as the teachers. To be precise, the endowment fund will finance projects promoting the development of teaching, material school equipment, teaching aids, as well as school and extracurricular activities, including leisure activities for children. Donations will be used to support teachers in the area of education and enhancing and deepening their qualifications.

Smaller schools in villages generally struggle with a lack of funds, and any financial means can help them improve educational conditions for children. Education is the key to the future. It is therefore important that children from villages are given an equal opportunity for quality education as children from larger cities are