Format: 19/03/2018
Format: 19/03/2018

Dream Wedding in the Castle Chateau Herálec

The secret dream of many girls and women is to get married like a true princess.

In her dreams her dream wedding is perfect...she ascends a beautiful and wide stone staircase in her gorgeous wedding dress towards her wedding chamber .... 

This dream becomes reality for all that choose to spend their wedding day at Chateau Heralec and decide to have a luxury castle wedding.  Even during the reconstruction, we kept the thought of hosting the most beautiful weddings in the premises of the hotel in mind. Chateau Heralec offers the option of having your wedding ceremony in the beautifully revitalized English park from the 18th century, in the privacy of the castle atrium or directly inside the castle – whether in the restored Chapel of St. Anne or in the noble Rose Salon. Based on your ideas and wishes, and with the help of our castle wedding coordinator, we can prepare a beautiful wedding day for you that you and your guests will never forget.