Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018

For lovers of fishing we have prepared several opportunities to catch some fish in the nearby Hadina fishpond. 3 streams pour into the fishpond, two coming in from the town and one stemming for a nearby reservoir. During a drier summer, it can happen that the tank will only be supplied by water from the forest stream, making the water crystal clear. You can find sanders and carps, but also wild fish such as trouts. The Hadina fishpond is only a 10 minute car drive away from the castle

Other private grounds, where you can try your luck fishing are:

  7,6 km - Fishpond Hubertka
  7,9 km - Pilský fishpond
  8,2 km - Plíhalovský fishpond
13,1 km - Lights Above Sázavou-Horní...
18,2 km - Horní Okrouhlík

Information about fishing permits and rental possibilities is available at the Chateau Herálec reception.