Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018

The Jihlava Zoo is situated in the picturesque valley surrounding Jihlavka River, giving visitors a beautiful view of the water and surrounding meadows. Being just 10 minutes walking time away from the town center, it is a perfect way to spend the afternoon. The “Zoo without bars” is home to around 150 rare species of animals, including 17 species classified in European breeding programs. The Zoo also specializes in raising and breeding felines, apes and reptiles.

The TOP animals at the Zoo in Jihlava: 
The smallest in the world: a subspecies of the (Sumatran) tigers, a (Malaysian) bear, a (Small) otter, and monkey (Pygmy marmoset)
The biggest in the world: a (Giant red kangaroo), a rodent (Capybara) 
The greatest variety of marmosets and tamarins in the Czech Republic.. 

The first mention of the Jihlava ZOO is in 1957, in which from the intiative of a couple local passionate individuals, a "zoo corner" was created. Only in 1982 was this "zoo corner" given the title ZOO by the Czech Ministry of Culture. Enlarged expositions, a couple smaller buildings and technically perfectly equipped pavilions allow the visitors a wonderful experience independent of weather conditions. Great emphasis is placed on the aesthetic appearance, comfort and perfect service for the visitors. The unusual kid's corner, a model of an African village or the summer restaurant and boutique have all contributed to the great reputation of the ZOO.

Through its focused and dedicated work, the Jihlava ZOO has become one of the top ZOOs in the Czech Republic and in Europe.