Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018


At its very beginning it was clear that castle Chateau Herálec would be a unique hotel also because  you are also welcome together with your pet. On welcome your pet will get a delicious dainty and its own soft towel to wipe pads and coat after a pleasant walk in our park, which has been created for their playful games. And on departure your pet will get a surprise in form of our delicious dainty with recipe.  

In honour of our furry guests, who are always welcome at our castle and whom we really think highly of, this unique “furry book” was made, which you cannot find in any hotel. We prepared a parade of dogs that visited our castle and with nobleness enjoyed their stay here.

We believe that your furry friend leaves our castle satisfied and we are looking forward to your and its next visit.

Team Chateau Herálec