Format: 19/03/2018
Format: 19/03/2018

Gourmet Line

We have included mainly quality products of local suppliers, who produce and supply us with local specialities, into our gift collection Gourmet line.

The farm of Brodin family offers fresh cow cheeses, yoghurts and the best cottage cheese in the world!
No matter you have to consume it very soon with regard to its short expiration, you won’t stand up to it and you eat it at once! 

Mr. Hlava from the chocolate factory in Vyskytná near Jihlava produces for us chocolate truffles. Every evening we serve the truffles directly in you room to give you good night. If you have appetite also for other kinds,
you can buy the chocolate cornet Sweet pleasure from Chateau Herálec, full of various truffles, in our reception. In addition, we also offer cornets of broken flavoured chocolate. Every sweet-tooth finds the right pleasure – cornets contain the bitter, milk as well as white chocolate with unusual decorations.   

We have discovered also another gem in Vysočina – dried fruit goodies from Mrs. Kubová from Třebíč. She dries only Czech apples, pears, plums, apricots and sour cherries and we are happy to offer them in our castle cornets to our guests, as the healthy version of the sweet pleasure from Chateau Herálec. Her home-made mixture of oat flakes, seeds and dried fruits has become the excellent base of our castle cookies that we offer to our guests with our tea or coffee.  

For those who want to enjoy healthy goodies we have prepared the lovely fragrant apricot muesli. This muesli also contains, besides dry roasted oak flakes and pumpkin and sun-flower seeds, dried apples, apricots and apricot kernels that contain the very important vitamin B17. You can also take home our home-made cookies that you can taste with a tea or a coffee in our restaurant. With every packet of cookies you receive the receipt how to prepare them at home, in simple and quick way.  You can choose from various versions – excellent cookies with dried cranberries and chocolate cuts, as well as cookies of outstanding taste made of coconut or pumpkin seeds. 

From Mr. Brabenec, right from Herálec, we have the brilliant forest and cream honey. He produces the honey with love and passion for decades and that is why it is so good. The cream honey has nice yellow colour and is deservedly considered as the best and top-quality honey at all. It has its specific "spring" smell and delicate taste with beneficial effects. The forest honey charms you with its gorgeous golden colour and unique light flavour. 

In the summer months, our chef made for you real homemade jams full of delicious fruits. For example, try delicious jam made ​​from hand-harvested cherries combined with fresh lime, a vitamin bomb in the form of jam made from black rowanberries or refreshing lemon jam of bright yellow colour. For those who love classical tastes, we have jam full of strawberries, sweet-smelling apricot jam and delicious currant jam. We believe that you will enjoy our jams so much that you will reach the jamjar bottoms very quickly.

All products of our Gourmet line are prepared in our reception. We are ready to prepare the box full of local healthy products for you. You decide what is put inside. After having eaten all goodies from the box, you can remind of moments spent in our Chateau Herálec with the linen dish-cloth with castle squirrel decorations or with the apron Chateau Herálec Cooking Genius, for example when baking your own cookies. 

Get inspired!