Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018

Le potager at Chateau Herálec-garden, where vegetables reign

Come to CHATEAU Herálec*****, Boutique Hotel & Spa by L‘OCCITANE, and become inspired by the charm of the ornamental vegetable garden in the style of the French garden Le Potager. Gardens full of vegetables, fruit and lots of fragrant herbs. Become charmed by its unique atmosphere full of colours and scents, which you will not forget.

Summer is in full swing, and at Chateau Herálec in the new kitchen garden, built in the style of the French garden Le Potager, the vegetation is literally flourishing.  The scent of flowering herbs and shrubs can be smelled throughout the chateau park, and we are beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labour. With the advancing season, more than forty species of plants are alternated in the chateau flowerbeds, which we only grow organically.

Every day we collect lots of fragrant herbs, which not only create ornamental flowerbed edges, but also add great flavour to the dishes in our new summer menu that is full of vitality and freshness. Even for this period, we place great emphasis on freshness and high quality verified products from local farmers. Our cooks and amazing gardener take care of everything from the time the seeds are sown, and our dishes thus have personality and charm.The food tastes better, and the guests feel the freshness, quality and fragrances of our region with every bite.It is amazing to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. We are proud to be able to say - this is made from our chateau vegetable garden.