Format: 19/03/2018
Format: 19/03/2018

Luxury Experience

People say that memories and experiences are the two things that no one can take away from you. They cannot be broken or sold. Memories and experience are those things that always stick with you and if your memory serves you well, they will color your life forever. And luxury experiences stick twice. That's what we believe and therefore prepare for you fantastic opportunities for travel, pleasure and relaxation in our region so that during your vacation you experience a spiritual retreat from a daily routine.

We at Chateau Heralec do everything to ensure that your stay at our castle is a perfect experience and that your memories of the time spent with us will stay deeply rooted. We believe that first impressions count and hope that your first look upon the romantic silhouette of the castle with its red turrets will be a very positive one. After entering the castle gates and walking through the beautiful historical front door you walk into the arrival hall, overwhelmed by the spaciousness and beauty we have prepared for you. You will be amazed by the unique interior design concept, experience true culinary delight in our restaurant and experience utter relaxation in our Spa&Welness and beautiful English park. You will stumble upon intricate detail work at every step, enhancing your feeling of a perfect experience. Our ambition is for our all guests to feel fantastic at our resort, to the point they will not want to leave. However, it would be a shame if you did not seize the opportunity to discover the beauties of the surrounding region. 

The Chronicles of Experience is a set of inspirational tips on what free-time activities can be carried out in the castle and its surroundings. You can all find the booklet directly in your rooms, as well as at the reception. 

Do not forget that your first visit is just the beginning... We hope and believe that you will return to our unique hotel regularly, so you can discover more from the mosaic of perfect experiences that we carefully create for you.