Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018

Luxury Restaurant Honoria

Bon apetit! Welcome to the Northern wing!

Our beautiful castle restaurant HONORIA is located in the oldest part of the Heralec castle. You can enjoy the most delicious meals inspired by Czech cuisine under elegant old arches. Our luxury restaurant is opened not only for our hotel guests, but for the public as well. In case you feel like experiencing true culinary pleasure and spending some unique moments in our castle, do not hesitate to contact our F&B Manager or reception and reserve a time in our hotel restaurant.  

Our castle restaurant is opened for the public everyday from 09:00 to 22:00. We accept reservations till 19:30 latest everyday. 

We believe to have one of the most beautiful historical restaurants in the Czech Republic. It consists of two dining halls, coffee bar, private dining salon and castle winery.

The dining hall of LADY FROM SELMBERK, named after the found and restored coat of arms of this majestic Czech aristocratic family, is the largest dining hall in the restaurant. The discovery of the coat of arms confirmed that the castle is older than previous documents suggested, changing the date of origin to the first half of the 16th century. At that time, the castle belonged to the Lord's of Trcko. 

In the second dining hall, BEFORE THE STORM, we commemorate famous Czech painter Adolf Kosarek, whose artwork of the same name decorates the area of the dining hall. 

You can enjoy a hearty breakfast from predominantly local products in our coffee&bar area AGASIA. For small parties that want to dine privately, we have the dining salon IN THE TURRET. A very delicate offering of the best of Czech and global wines can be found in our castle winery of BISHOP JOHN.

In the summer, all of our guests can dine in our castle courtyard or directly in the English park. A wide offering of picnic baskets is also available to all our guests.