Format: 19/03/2018
Format: 19/03/2018


The Heralec castle offers a wide range of activities fit for both businesses and private clientele. Enter the spacious halls and places where a medieval fortress once stood. Our Ancestor's Hall will no doubt charm you with the generosity of its space.

There is much more that the castle has to offer when it comes to conference, meeting & social event spaces. In the Premises List section, you can find the entire list of spaces within the castle fit for various occasions. 

Choose the space that you like best, not only based on it's capacity, but also it's unique atmosphere. 

In the various sub-sections, you can find a detailed description of our premises, their capacity, equipment, as well as other relevant and crucial information for organizing both business and private events.

You can also find the contact details of our Events Manager that is fully at your disposal if you have any questions or enquiries.