Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018

First Spa by L’OCCITANE in the Czech Republic at Chateau Heralec!

The high standard of services provided at the hotel, the castle’s unique atmosphere that is reminiscent of the fabled French castles in Loire, and our philosophy of relaxation in connection to nature all contributed to the decision of L’OCCITANCE of Chateau Heralec to be the first facility in the Czech Republic to carry out their unique wellness & spa concept. Our castle L’OCCITANE Spa guarantees to provide you with a spa experience equivalent to the one you would receive in the original Spa L’Occitane in the 5* hotel Couvent des Minimes in Provence. Experience true relaxation and indulge in luxurious comfort of our castle hotel with the natural cosmetics of the highest quality, L’OCCITANE.

The authentic ingredients used in the making of this unique natural cosmetics line together with traditional massage techniques create a package of utter relaxation. Just entering our massage parlors will make you more relaxed, the interior design inspired by the unique and beautiful nature of the Provence region Camarque. The country, ingredients and rituals of the Mediterranean are the building blocks of the Spa L’OCCITANE procedures that our well-trained therapists and staff will gladly administer. The procedures offered by the Spa by L’OCCITANE aren’t only aimed at women, as it may first seem. The Spa by L’OCCITANE brand offers complete product lines as well as spa procedures aimed specifically at and for men.

The amazing experience you will have choosing any one of the spa procedures or beauty treatments offered by the L’OCCITANE spa in the luxurious environment of our hotel cannot be described in words. You have to come and experience it yourself.