Format: 20/03/2018
Format: 20/03/2018

Wedding Suites at the Castle Chateau Heralec

For the most important night of their lives, the wedding couple can choose our King's Suite Lords Trcka from Lipa or our Presidential Suit Lords from Solms. Although very different from one another, both of these suites offer unbelievable spaciousness and the nobility of times gone by. You will find restored frescos, original wooden ceiling decor as well a beautiful historical stove. 

The King´s Suite Lords Trcka from Lipa with an area of 139 m² is the largest castle suite. It is named after one of the most powerful Czech clans - the Trckas from Lipa. The Trcka family used to be governors of the Vysocina regions, and they were rumored to be so wealthy that even the kings borrowed money from them. So enter this magic fairytale with it's beautiful mosaic floors, original stove and wooden ceiling decor. Lie down in the canopy bed amongst the soft pillows. Or sit down for a game of cards in your private salon decorated in the Maur style. The room can be connected with the neighboring Grande Double Room De Luxe Lords from Roupov. Once connected, the two rooms add up to a staggering 214 m²!

The Presidential Suite Lords from Solms with an area of 131 m² is also a unique space with captivating and highly detailed decor. An almost levitating circular light hangs below the ceiling, discretely shining light upon the 'angelic' fresco. The fresco was installed in the room using a special tapestry technique. This room also features unique and original doors made from linden tree wood, a beautiful bedroom facing the English park and an absolutely unique bathroom located in the southern turret. The discovery of a medieval bath in the flooring inspired us to use it in a completely new, modern way, so that event the most demanding guest can enjoy a combination of the old and new.

Other than the above-mentioned "wedding" suites, we have 17 luxurious rooms available for your guests - 7 exclusive and spacious suits, 9 double rooms with beautiful views of our park and one comfortable single use room. Thanks to the creative approach of the owner, each room tells it's own story. All the rooms are named after a painting from the local gallery in Vysocina, whose replicas you can find cleverly installed in the rooms.