Format: 19/03/2018
Format: 19/03/2018


One of our Gift Certificate ideas...for NATURE LOVERS!

What can be better than enjoying a beautiful day in the nature cruising on a bike or rising in a cabrio with the wind in your hair... Here in the Vysocina region, we have a somewhat peculiar wind - we call it the 'silver' wind because it still remembers the times when silver was massively mind in the area. It rustles mysteriously, sweeping through the Vysocina meadows and pastures. When it gets angry, it let's us feel it's  might with strong storns, but when it's feeling cheerful it rustles your hair, spreading the scent of sweet flowers through the air and gently refreshing in hot weather. You will no doubt feel it's presence upon riding through the countryside in our castle convertible, on our bikes, while Nordic walking or just hiking through the area. Or try a hot air balloon ride! Give someone our "WIND IN YOUR HAIR" certificate and they will no doubt tell you all about the wonders of the Vysocina landscape... 

The „WIND IN YOUR HAIR" gift certificate in the value of 6 750 CZK includes:  

  • Accomodation for two people for one night in a room of the STANDARD DOUBLE ROOM category 
  • Healthy breakfast in the restaurant Honoria from predominantely regional Vysocina products
  • Unlimited access to the castle Wellness & Spa by L´OCCITANE (relaxing in the orangery, steam sauna, dry Finnish sauna, herbal Swedish sauna, jacuzzi in the castle turret, pool under historical arches, fitness studio with skilled personnel) 
  • Free rental of our Mercedes Benz E-Class convertible with a 100km included credit 
  • Rental of fantastic bikes, Nordic walking sticks or other sports equipment 
  • Unrestricted access to the castle park, library with a functional fireplace and chapel of St. Anne 
  • Directly in your rooms, you can find a fitness mat + special gymstick with various techniques on relaxing the back and entire body that you can use in your room or take it with you to our castle park
  • "Magical Road through the Park" - a small booklet with a map of the park and interesting information about the flora and fauna living in it 
  • "Chronicles of Experience" with inspiration on free time activities in the castle and nearby areas
  • Special bonus: discount of 695,-CZK for every additional night in a room of the same category 

In case you will be interested, you can additionally order from one of our picnic menus (Rental of our castle blanket, stylish picnic basket, non-alcoholic drinks and a bottle of Bohemia sect is included. The price is for one person):

Picnic basket of Bishop John for 1 100 CZK including a bottle of Bohemia Sect

Picnic basket Silver Wind for 1 400 CZK including a bottle of Bohemia Sect Prestige Demi-Sec

Picnic basket Red Velvet for 3 400 CZK including a bottle of Moet en Chandon Brut champagne 

or and adrenaline filled hot air balloon ride (you can find further information about the price and reservation possibilites at our Reception GSM.: +420 569 669 111, +420  734 822 640)

You can order a "WIND IN YOUR HAIR" certificate by sending an email to the address

Please include the name of the intended recipient/s of the gift certificate, as well as the delivery address. In case you wish for the gift certificate to be delivered to the address of the gift recipient, include that one. In case you wish to give the gift certificate personally, please include your address.