Format: 21/03/2018
Format: 21/03/2018

Wine Cellar

Red wine tastes like red velvet down your throat in the oldest part of our castle. Descending down a narrow staircase, carved into stone walls, you enter our wine cellar of BISHOP JOHN. Here, you can find it all - red, white, rose and port wines, as well as champagne and sweet wines. 

After cruising the Vysocina countryside all day, a glass of the most elegant beverage will no doubt please anyone. Here in the wine cellar, you cannot only taste the various wines, but order delicatessen from our kitchen such as fine cheese & salami plates. The cellar is located in the spot where a medieval fortress once stood, the castle lords and ladies hiding in the catacombs. Today, the place 'hides' the best of Czech and global wines. 

Chateau Heralec has one of the largest collection of wines from the region of Bordeaux. 

Our collection encompasses wines from more than 100 chateaus. Thanks to this fact, everyone from a beginner to the biggest expert can find something in our offering. Vintages from the year 1982 up to the most recently available vintage, 2009, can all be found in the collection. We constantly work on our wine card and try to tweak it to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. It is for this reason that you can also find satellite appellations such as Cotes de Bourg or Cotes de Castilion in our offering. In our smoking salon of Oldrich from Ricany, one can find a selection of over 30 different kinds of Cuban cigars that one can enjoy to the wine.